5 Ways to Die Horribly in Battlefield 4

If you have played the lag ridden madness that is Battlefield 4 lately, you have died in a way that makes you both angry and pining for revenge at the same time. This has happened to me multiple times,  some gave me a laugh as they were amazing, others got me so frustrated, I squeezed my controller, sat up and searched out that person for the rest of the match.

There are many ways to die in Battlefield 4  some are worse than others, but we have compiled a list of the worst ways to die in Battlefield 4 Online.

1. Getting Sniped while Playing Rush.

This is an understatement, the objective of rush is an attack and defend type style. You are the attacker, rushing towards the objective that are labeled “A” and “B”. You have to disarm it, and prevent the enemy from disarming it themselves before a little timer runs out. This is considered a sniper’s wet dream. If you are a sniper , all you have to do is plant yourself many hundreds of feet away and snipe any willing person who comes into your crosshairs. At the point where you can’t even spawn for 5 minutes, without hearing the whizzing sound of six snipers trying to hit you, it’s time to throw the controller against the wall or quit.

2. Getting killed in a flying vehicle by the Stinger

This one is my huge pet peeve, but I have to admit, I do it more than I get it done to me. The stinger is a RPG which allows you to lock onto flying vehicles like the jet and helicopter. Each of them have the ability to deploy flares, in doing this the stinger will miss and target the flares, instead of the vehicle. So all you have to do is lock on, waiting for them to deploy the flare and then shoot off the stinger and take them out. This happens over and over and over again.

3. Claymores

The impact of claymores is to protect you from incoming enemies who try to get to your position. This is very important, if you choose the sniper class. I can’t tell you how much times I spot the hair of a sniper, I slowly creep around him dogging everything he throws at me. Then once i get to his position , i try to be like a cat who sees his prey. This always turns out bad, as out of nowhere i am plummeted into the air by his freaking claymores, they can be hidden very well.

4. C4

If you are a veteran player of the Battlefield franchise, then I don’t need to tell you about C4. It is in everybody’s arsenal. All you need to do is attach it to a jeep, or motorcycle, drive full blast towards your enemy and jump off and deploy. It’s trolling at its finest and is seen in almost every server and room that you come in.

5. Jet Ramming

JET RAMMING!! I hate this technique, the idea is quite simple. You get in a jet, fly up into the clouds, swoop back down and ram it into another jet. Getting the kill, but also the suicide. Do i need to say anymore?

Tyler Valdal
Written by Tyler Valdal

I am the CEO and Founder of pausethescreen.com and also a superhero nerd saving the day from the boring people. I also live and breath everything cinema.

  • Dirk

    I don’t like this type of game because only people who have memorized everything or been playing a long time can get anywhere in the rankings. This is how I would fix it: Limit the number of bullets a sniper can fire per match or decrease the range the sniper can operate at effectively. As for Vehicle ramming from a Jet or Car assess penalties for excessive bad behavior. If a Jet rams you then you get the suicide, but not the kill counted. The other player respawns because they were killed, but don’t allow the kill for the offender to be registered. Jets were not designed to be operated this way. As for the Car that seems legitimate so I can’t help you there. As for the Stinger limit it’s range and lock on abilities.

  • Tyler Valdal

    They really need to change the jet ramming

  • T. Chambers

    I have semi jet rammed… moreso just doing a half barrel roll and scraping the underside of the plane or heli, with my plane

  • Tyler Valdal

    I get jet rammed every time i try to fly and its pissing me off :p

  • basgemm

    im a good helicopter pilot but not that good i got killed by my own hell once it landed on me when i bailed